Tobacco Pouch 'Bebendo de ti'


Tobacco Pouch 'Bebendo de ti'

27,00 €

Pouch for rolling tobacco, with leather drawstring.
100% bovine leather.
Designer illustration.
Artisan print on organic leather.
Handpainted, polished edges.
Illustration of Leandro Lamas

Measurements: 14 x 9,5 cm.
Weight: 35 g.

Made in Galicia-España

To preserve your Cabuxa article in the very best conditions, avoid contact with oily products, cosmetics, perfumes and lotions, that could lead to a discolouring of the leather.
If your article gets wet, remove excess water with dry towels without rubbing and allow it to dry at ambient temperature or make use of a natural source of cold air.
It is advisable to always keep your accessory in its original packaging.