Drawstring Handbags Abril 'Bebendo de ti'


Drawstring Handbags Abril 'Bebendo de ti'

216,00 €

Handbag type bombonera (sweet box)
Manufactured in smooth bovine leatherand pekari lining
Inside pocket.
Front with author’s illustration with own artisanal engraving on ecological leather.
Closing with adjusting  cord  and inside botton.
Ajustable holder crossed or at shoulder
Illustration of Leandro Lamas

Measures : 30 x 28 x 4 cms
Bandoleer length: 58-70 cms
Weight: 300 grs.

Made in Galicia-España

To preserve your Cabuxa article in the very best conditions, avoid contact with oily products, cosmetics, perfumes and lotions, that could lead to a discolouring of the leather.
If your article gets wet, remove excess water with dry towels without rubbing and allow it to dry at ambient temperature or make use of a natural source of cold air.
It is advisable to always keep your accessory in its original packaging.